What is the legal age to move out of your parents house in alabama?

I turned 18. Me and my parents are not seeing eye to eye. I told my parents I want to move out but they said “if I walk out the door they will call the cops on me.” so I need to know if im legal in alabama to move out without permission? And if so can the cops do anything about it?

Answer #1

Well, yeah. 18 is the legal age for an adult… If they threaten to call the cops on you, just look at them, laugh and say, “Well, you know, I’m 18, legally, I’m an adult and can come and go as I please. If you call the cops, they are going to ask you how old I am, and when you say 18 and that I just walked out of the house, they are just going to laugh at you.” I did it with my parents after I turned 21 and they we still trying to control when I came and went. It worked too.

Answer #2

In the us The lagal age is that at 18 they are considered adults. So yeah you can move out and they can hold you back. And also If they do call hte cops nothing can be done, your an adult.

Answer #3

You’re 18…your parents are bluffing.

The cops won’t do anything since you’re legally at the age when you can leave.

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