legally move out of your parents house at the age of 17

So is it true that you can legally move out of your parents house at the age of 17 in the state of texas?

Im not 17 nor do I live in texas… but I saw this..and wondering if its true

Answer #1

WHEN I WAS your AGE I WANTED TO DO THE SAME! AS SOON AS I TURNED 18 I MOVED OUT! AND LET ME TELL you ITS NOT AS EASY AS IT SEEMS! believe me the world is a scary place! its hard! I had many challenges! I was forced to work to support my slef but I also wanted to go to college! it was hard I ended up having to give one of them up! and yeah I needed money so I stopped going to school! sometimes things dont turn ot how you want them to! now im 23 and I can say im doing ok! I wish I had stayed home and continued school! I still take a semester here and there but its hard! if I were you I would think about it! go to schoole get an education get a carrer and when you make enough money then move it! it still wont be easy but it wil be better!

Answer #2

Haha actually im almost 19, already moved out. My sister is 17 tough..shes not thinking about it..we were all just talking..and nobody knew the answer lol…

So I figured, hey lets see what funadvice says ;)

Thanks though.

Answer #3

Seemingly, call the domestic help line number listed here & you can get help including a reliable answer…thing is, you can’t sign a lease, a contract or get full time employment at that age so it’ll be very hard, even if it is legal.

Answer #4

yes you can I have talked to the police for the fact that I want to know the answer to this very question as well an its yes I have paper work about it. if you want to move out at the age of 17 with or without telling your parents you must call them at some point an let them know were you are an that your safe if your parents call the law after you tell them were you are the cops will not responed but the only way you can do this is if you have a place 2 stay an you wont be moving from house 2 house so play your cards right

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