What is the legal age to move out of you parents house in oregon?

I’m actually 17, almost 18. I have a 19 year old boyfriend with an apartment and job of his own. I have a job as well and I’m a good student. My mother is abusive, mostly emotionaly. But she never lets me do anything like hang out with frineds and she makes me come home right after school, clean, eat, do homework, and go to bed at 9. I have no freedom and I want to move out. We hate each other, and yet she won’t let me just go and never talk to her again. She says that I’m her property untill I’m 18. Is that legal? I mean if I have somewhere to go?

Answer #1

Your an adult at 18. Until them you tech. are your parents property.

Answer #2

According to your profile, you turn 18 in a week and a half. After that, you’re free to do whatever you want, go wherever you want, live with whomever you want. Sit tight until then. As far as your mother’s behavior, nothing you’ve described is illegal. If you leave now, she’s perfectly within her rights to simply drag you back.

Answer #3
  1. Plus your seventeen and have a little more time to to leave just hold in there, unless your being abused or something like that.
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