What is the fastest way to really clean a room?

Oky soo im moving soon for the first time in my young life haha and I have to clean my room big time!!! My mom wants to put the house “on the market” april4 which is also my best friends b-day, easter, and 2 days befor my other best friends bday haha so im bussy I would like to do it tomarrow because of early dismissal but I don’t know I might b too lazy,,,so any advice?

Answer #1

this is how my mom toold me how to clean my room when it gets really messy 1st- put EVERYTHING in a big pile in the middle of the room 2nd- seperate everything in seperate piles (clean clothes, trash, dirty clothes, etc.) 3rd- put each pile away one by one (in your case in boxes) 4th- vacuum and finsh up

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