How can I keep my room clean?

My room has been very messy lately. I’ve picked it up once before, and it stayed clean for awhile, but then it got to be a HUGE mess! I try to put things back when I get things out like clothes, but it doesn’t work. Any advice?!?

Answer #1

What I do is buy things like containers to sort out things a bit more. If everything has a perfect spot, it makes cleaning a lot easier. I have this tall plastic thing with 4 drawers, each drawer has a certain group of things in it. Sorting things out is key, so you know where they go. If its possible, maybe get some shelves in your room to put things on. Remember to eliminate as much as you can, maybe have a yard sale with stuff you really don’t need.

Answer #2

Hang up your clothes & put things away as soon as you use them.

Answer #3

get off your bunz & get on a ball.

Answer #4

get of ur A$$ and tidy it

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