I need help organizing and cleaning my room

My room is probably the messiest room ever. I need help claeaning it but I don’t know where to begin. Can anybody help!!!

Answer #1

ok, I’m a ‘box ticker’, as in, I write lists!

start from scratch, as in, ‘pick rubbish up’ ‘collect washing clothes’ ‘hang up clean clothes’ ‘collect washing up AND TAKE TO DISH WASHER’!!! (once you’ve done this your room will already look a lot tidier!)

then, ‘change bedding’ ‘organise paperwork’ ‘tidy DVD’s and CD’s’ - at this stage, your mum will probably think your body has been abducted by aliens and will start demading they return ‘you’ as soon as possible!

do a ‘dust’ ‘hoover’ and once you’ve done that, you’ll be like “what next” next to each thing, put a little box, and as you go along, tick the box…it really helps, I’m a bit compulsive and have a tendency not to stop until all the boxes are ticked!

give it a go…I use the ‘tick box list’ for everything, study, job round the house…loads…very motivating!

Answer #2

Looks like my sons room before he decided he didn’t want his friends to know he was a pig!!!

It’s obvious the toilet paper is used for your make-up, am I right?

Answer #3

Yowza. That is…that is really messy. I like the toilet paper roll. Claaassy :)

I think I’m out of my league on this one. This goes beyond a vacuum and a trip to the Container Store. This is like…flamethrower time.

Answer #4

yes, get out of you room, be right next to the door, look on the ground, pick up what ever you see first and just keep going.then you clean you bed, then you are desk. you know just keep going. hope this helps=]

Answer #5

Yeah it is for my makeup…which is why it is by my mirror! Yeah..umm…it usually doesn’t look THAT bad…but its pretty bad. I sleep on my bad I just usually throw all my crap on the floor!!! I think its amazing how I am such a good and organized student, but my room is terrible!!! Hahah yeah I know it is pretty much the messiest room out there! Hahah…so you see my probelm here! hahah

Answer #6

OH MY GOD DAMN! seriously! where the hell do you sleep!!! you are gong to need to do at least four boxes for the washing one! one for each load you take to the utility room! try to seperate the whites / colours and lights - make it seem less! and you will need an industrial black bag for the rubbish! and I’d dump that loo roll - wouldn’t want anything from that room near my ‘down below’! damn!

Answer #7

Thnaks guys, I guess I need to get off my butt and start…hahah.

Answer #8

It is really messy by the way…Like really messy…

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