What is the difference between a wiccan and a witch?

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vengeance, wrong,
everyone is actually wrong -_-
wow when will people do some d@mn research before answering a question.
First off, you're not born as a specific part of any type of occult practitioner, though you may be born with a gift to do magick(though it doesn't mean other's can't, they just have to work harder).
Oh, & witch & Wiccans ARE THE SAME EXACT THING. I didn't believe it at first until I did some research. In the olden days Wicca( hiold on to your broom sticks) was pronounced Witcha for males, & Witche for gals( CC pronounced as ch). In later years the a & e were dropped & it was merely whitch for quite sometime. However, when Crowley sought to "revive" the religion he had spelt it with only one c which dropped the ch pronunciation & brought about the k (Wika) pronunciation. Though really, it seems with the new pronunciation came a new version of the religion entirely.
If you don't believe me try doing some hardcore research yourself. Though honestly, it should be obvious by the spelling & pronuncation.

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it depends on the spelling of the word your spelling of it is witchcraft wiccan do cast spells and worship the dark part of the world witch just cast spells the wiccan religion is much more complex than witches

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wiccan's are real and witches aren't??

well wicca is a religion. there really aren't set rules but its mostly about purifying yourself and being passionate about what you believe in

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A witch can cast a spell and a wiccan just has the blood of a witch in the family!

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