is it true that sleeping on your stomach is the best way?

i’ve heard sleeping on the sides is bad for the back and on the back is bad for the eyes.

Answer #1

I sleep on my stomach because it’s the most comfortable position. When I sleep on my back, I can’t breathe well because of my boobs lol.. and on my sides I always wake up really sore. I’ve never heard of it being bad for the eyes… that’s interesting.. :)

Answer #2

TBH, its the only way i an seem to fall asleep…on my tummy… but experts say the exact opposite..that it can cause a lot of harm to your back…here is some material on that i found online…

some good tips too!

hope this helps!

Answer #3

i sleep on my stomach also ! im almost 13 ! because of me sleeping om my stomach all the time i now have a 11 degre curve in my spine ! now if i sleep on my stomach i have to put a pillow under my stomach ! soo try sleeping in different ways to keep you spine straight ! :-)

Answer #4

o heard sleepin on ur tummy is bad because u inhale all the shyt u breath out & the bacteria that is on ur bed n matress n stuff..

Answer #5

i sleep in all posistions lol. but i start sleeping on my back and try to stay there bcuz sleeping on your back will help keep you from getting so many wrinkles. so i try to sleep on my back, but i usually wind up on my side part of the night, and my stomach the rest lol :P

Answer #6

I never heard that sleeping on your back is bad for your eyes.

Most doctors I talked to recommend side sleeping and warn against sleeping on your tummy.

For years I was a back and side sleeping but I’d toss and turn all night and if something kept me from rolling over I’d awaken with a stiff back. When I was trying to fall asleep while my wife was watching TV I rolled on my tummy and burried my eyes in my pillow. In spite of the warnings I slept comfortably in the same position all night and awoke more refreshed and without any back stiffness.

Do whatever works.

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