What is the best laptop brand?

I want to buy a laptop but I want to buy a good brand what is the best!! I really like sony but is there something else better?

Answer #1

Apple! I have an apple labtop and it works great and has amazing features! I definitly recommend it to anybody! I’ve had no problems with it wut so ever!

Answer #2

My dad is the computer man and he says Apple is the best but very expensive

Answer #3

I had a macintosh computer and it sucked it always went slow and was freezing up

Answer #4

In my experience Sony and Toshiba make very good laptops.

HP are good laptops.

Dell are ok and usually the best value.

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Answer #7

get apple. I’m using one now. expensive, but very good. and pretty :) zero virus. compared to windows.

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Answer #9

I have a Samsung and I haven’t had any problems with it.


Answer #10

my brothers a computer engineer and he likes dell and hates acer. I have been told apple is good but last time I checked greenpeace said they were the worst for the environment (because of what they use to make them) so I stay away from them. Thats just me though!

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