Best laptop brands?

What brands do you think are the best for laptops and why? What brands do you not recommend and why? Ex. Hp, dell, sony, toshiba, etc.

Answer #1

Brands I recommend:

Vaio - Very reliable brand that make good lasting laptops. My firend has one and I must say, although my laptop was far better technology wise (RAM, Hard drive, etc) his was very effecient and fast for it’s level. And also quite clever. Toshiba - Another good brand out there who build sturdy and different laptops. Never actually used one but from other people I’ve heard it’s good. HP - Always the reliable, HP are good for both laptops and CPUs. I’ve seen and used one before and they do make excellent laptops far cheaper than other brands who make ones of similar standard.

Brands I do not recommend:

Dell - The laptop I’m using atm is/was a Dell. It is perhaps the most common brand out there. The technology it uses is also one of the most common but expensive. However the technology is also the most viable to faults. The guarantee for the laptop is not quite what it is. Fortunately my dad’s friend fixed me up with better stuff on my laptop which took the Dell out of it but brought in better stuff.

Dells aren’t necessarily the worst or bad even, it’s just my opinion.

Answer #2

I like sony vaio

Answer #3

get a macbook, just do it.

Answer #4

I would personally recommend Sony vaio laptops. That’s what I am using right now. I heard that they are having great deals right now.

Answer #5


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