Brand new laptop making screeching noises

My laptop keeps making horrible screeching noises. Its being doing it for about 2 months. Its really loud, and it sounds like its got wet inside. It hasnt. I spent almost a grand on this laptop! Its settled down a lot in the past couple of days. But it still makes the odd screech. Can anyone tell me how to fix it/whats wrong with it? Any help much appreciated. Thanks. :)!

Answer #1

I’m not sure but, you could always take it back to where you bought it from and see what they can do to fix that. It could be your fans. Otherwise, I’m not sure.

Answer #2

hhhmmm…I don’t know wut kood b rong with it..I think you wood have to take it to where ever you got it from and ask sumone wut cood b rong with it

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