Which eyeliner is better, solid or liquid?

wich is better, solid or liquid? I asked this before but I didnt get any answeres and I need to know.


Answer #1

Depends on what look you are looking for. A liquid liner used to draw a line over the top of the brow and used to give a cats eye look can be striking. Where as a solid line is good if you want to just define the natural outline of the eye.

Answer #2

I would say solid, but I do have liquid eyeliner (hate it), it’s by N.Y.C. don’t get it, it’s cheap if you do want it though.

Answer #3

I like things about both, but I normally use solid. Solid is easier to apply and lasts longer, in my opinion. :)

Answer #4

I use Solid. My eyes tend to water a lot if I use liquid. Darn allergies lol

Answer #5

maybelline has a pencil liner that you have to sharpen, it doesn’t normally run down my face and I go swimming a lot.

Answer #6

try annabelle waterproof liners you can buy them at walmart and they are amaaazing they are the only kinds I will use I have a huge box of all annabelle liners

Answer #7

maybelline and napoleon have a great range of liners and mascaras which wont irritate or run easily and are easy to apply. (im in australia so not sure whats available in your area)

Answer #8

in my opinion solid eyeliner is better and not the kind that twists I like the kind you have to sharpen

Answer #9

does anyone have any advice on brands? like that dont run down your face too much??

Answer #10

I use the liquid one from avon. it goes on really clean.

Answer #11

Solid is best.Liquid smears and looks racoon like

Answer #12

I use solid… I didnt know there was liquid…

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