What is better a blackberry or an iphone.

I meant an iphone not ipod sorry my fault.

Answer #1

Uhmmm.. I’d say iPhone… I have a blackberry and an iPhone… But I really can’t do as much with the blackberry. It’s only there for like organizing and better phone calls… I’m only 16… So the iPhone is something that I use all the time… It has absolutely everything possible on it… and it’s fun! My bb isn’t as much fun… It’s kinda boring… Oh! But the battery in the iPhone runs out way quicker than bb! I use wifi on my iPhone all the time and never turn it off… It lasts for probably only an hour or two while I’m on msn or safari… and I don’t usually turn the wifi on on the bb… because after the iPhone it’s sorts useless for me… But I guess the battery probably lasts for much longer on the bb with the wifi active…

I’d say it depends on how mature you are… If your still a kid… Like playfull and shtuff… Then iPhone forsure… But if your old… and cruddy and ooold… By that I mean if your really mature and have a life… Then bb…

Haha! Hope it helps…

Answer #2

depends on your purpose…work and business wise, blackberry hands down although the iphone isint to shabby, buyt entertainment fun music games etc iphone hands down, I’ve got both at home, so I know :)

Answer #3

I must say I love the blackberry its amazing, and resourceful(= I love bbm (= hehe but yeah so I guess theirs my pick(=

Answer #4

I agree with gooner17

Answer #5

Black Berry hah, iPhone is like an iTouch with the phone attachment.

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