Which is better: A blackberry or laptop?

if I want to buy a blackberrie or a laptop which one do you suggest is better to buy. what a blackberrie can do.

Answer #1

uhhh laptop

Answer #2

well I have something similar 2 a blackberrie but I wud get a laptop I had 1 but it broke because I droped it lol

Answer #3

It depends, if you need to call people and email or text message but don’t really need the features of a laptop than a blackberry will suit you fine, however if you don’t need to call anyone but you need microsoft word or want to play games or something than you should go with a laptop. It all depends on your specific needs. just remember, for full service like internet and texting and stuff for a blackberry will cost you atleast $80 a month.

I used a blackberry when I was in the states and now that I am overseas a laptop fits me just fine. It just depends.

Answer #4

I say a laptop.

Answer #5

Black Berry can do pretty much what a computer does. Before deciding which one to get think of where do you use it, is you want to have a computer at home choose the laptop or a pc, if you are on the go most of the time a black berry is suitable.

Answer #6

I would say laptop.

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