Iphone or blackberry curve?!?

Is getting an iphone worth it?? Or should I get the blackberry curve?? Helpp

Answer #1

I’d pick the blackberry but I don’t really know a whole lot about either. I know I would just rather have a blackberry and an ipod touch..

Answer #2

Don’t listen to babygirl my dad has had his blackberry for like 7 years and it’s still running great!!

Answer #3

I say you should get the iphone, I personally think it is a great invention and will last longer than a junky blackberry!

Answer #4

It depends on which one you like better. If you’re clumsy, don’t get the iphone, drop it once and it breaks sigh so stupid and inefficient. Blackberry is strong, and smooth. It’s classier aswell (well, I think so). But really it depends on your tastes.

Answer #5

Blackberry Curve.

Don’t fall into the iphone hype, everyone I’ve talked to hated it for different reasons but I rarely see anyone that hates their blackberries.

If you’re going to get a blackberry, go for the bold or if you’re into touch go for the storm. Blackberry’s are amazing phones, I’ve only heard good from them, and they are extremely user friendly! Lots of great apps, internet browsing is smoothe and texting is easy and it also keeps track of all messages (even from like a year ago) but you can delete them lol.

It’s hard to explain all the features but blackberry for sure.

Answer #6

Blackberry Curve.

Answer #7

Ummm I like the blackberry curve. But either one is great.

Answer #8


Answer #9

haha im getting the white iphone 16G iphone 3G this friday!!! im so excited :D xmorgx haha you rock for that answer haha

Answer #10

thanks a lot guys =] but sad to say im going with the iphone =XX I really like it and all the apps, everything I’ve heard from my friends & people I know that have the iphone think it is amazing, so ill be getting it in a few weeks now. im really excited. But I also think the blackberry curve is a great phone =D I like the red one, but what I dont like about blackberry phones is like… I don’t know the whole display is so old like they need to upgrade their fonts and menu’s and stuff just a small pet peeve but thanks a lot for all of your opinions =D

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