Which is the better iphone - 3g or 4g?

I want to gift a iphone to my brother abroad but not sure which to give iphone 3 or 4? Which is better and also where he lives their telecommunications works on 900 GSM and not CDMA or FDMA.i'm not sure what that is he just let me know that???
please try and explain why and not just simply answer 4g thanks in advance :)

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what does 4g have that 3g doesn't??

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It runs on a faster system and they r more technilogically up to date

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i don't want to spend more if there isn't much difference.

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I wudnt say its much faster but it is a noticeable differance, and the price in the phones shudnt b that much differance

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ive been lookin online and ihone 4 is about $200 more. Do you have any idea if its unlock-able can it be used in Nepal??

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Welcome, and check around at cell phone stores u can find it cheaper thr. I don't know if its unlockable or if u can use it in Nepal sorry

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oh!! ur right, stores r much much cheaper than online. makes me wonder why?? Anyhow Thanks again

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I can't figure out y either, and ur most welcome

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a nokia 3210

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4g all the way.

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4G isfaster.

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4G isfaster.

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4G isfaster.

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iPhone 4g is a lot better than iPhone 3g.. For sure 4g. (; :D

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4g. its short for fourth generation, which is better than 3rd generation

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