Should Nelson Mandela be on the USA terrorist list?

Apparently, he is currently on the terrorist list. Nobel prize winner Nelson Mandela made it to the infamous “terrorist watch list” and requires “special” permission to enter the US.

So, do you think the war on terror is doing well? I think we need a few more Nobel prize winners on there, and then we’ll really be “safe”.

Answer #1

editor, I am glad you brought that up…most ignore that important fact. the department of homeland security is off the mark almost everytime.

Answer #2

yes, I agree with everyone else. He’s not a terrorist, infact he should be admired for what he’s done in my opinion :/

Answer #3

He might be transporting biological weapons in his Depends. Better safe than sorry.

Answer #4

lol, dara, the answer is simple enough, Mandela doesnt have the oil needed to make the Bush family rich…

Answer #5

lol, you are kidding? nelson mandela?

Answer #6

Well, I don’t think we’ll be ANY safer unless we add Ghandi to that list too.

Threatening men, if I say so myself ;)

Answer #7

He has been critical of the Bush regime. Bush said that you are either with us or you are on the side of terrorists so according to this binary view Mandela must be on the side of terrorists.

Answer #8

Nope, true story, in the news, etc.

Condolezza Rice said something about it being “inexcusable” or something…but, seriously, if this is how my tax dollars are being spent, why do we have a “war on terror” at all?

Answer #9

Ummm…why is that? How on earth could Nelson Mandela be a terrorist? What could he do?

Answer #10

I’d have to say Mother Theresa also needs to be on the terrorist watch list.

Mother Theresa is dead she died awhile ago. But honestly that is such a joke. He is just saying his opinion not actually planning a terrorist attack. I’m sorry the states must have been smoking crack to put him on that list

Answer #11

I know you posted this about 3 months ago so I hope this gets to you and you read it. This makes me think of a woman in China. She too is a Nobel Prize winner for the promoting of Democracy in the Chinese Republic. She is curently under permanent house arrest by order of the chinese government for speaking against communism. They can’t exocute her because she is a nobel peace prize holder. But, what she is doing is very admirable.

So, how did Nelson Mandella make the terrorist list? That kind of makes me mad. I think that this goes into a much much bigger issue that could lead into a much more controversial issue here. Anyone, it seems, these days can be a “terrorist”. If homeland security has the inkling that you are a terrorist they can do things to you that go against your constitutional rights. I won’t go more into that. So, here is my question to you. How can a man who promotes peace, who holds one of the most prestigious awards mankind can ever hope to recieve, be labeled a terrorist? That’s like saying that Mother Theresa was a terrorist. Or that The Pope is a terrorist. Does that make any sense at all? Maybe it was because Nelson Mandella snuck in nuclear arms in his diplomatic suitcases and blew up a federal building.

So, does the war on terror work? If a man that represents the ideals and moral rights that Nelson Mandella represents, what do you think?

Answer #12

This situation makes me think of another ironic and ridiculous one:

Did you guys also hear about the Aljazeera Camera man that’s finally been released after nearly 7 years in Guantanamo?

It makes me think of the irony of the situation because today was international world press day and Bush stated the importance of protecting freedom of speech and how “rogue” states will persecute, torture and even kill journalists for doing their job.

Hmmm, sort of like when a cameraman with credentials from an international press organization gets thrown into military jail and is tortured for 7 years without right to trial because he was on the job?


Answer #13

I’ve been thinking about this a lot today…the irony in the Bush family’s treatment of Nelson Mandela VS the Saudi Royal Family.

What made me think of this? Thedude saying that Mandela needs special permission to enter the country. Well, if you do your reading, you’ll see that right after 9/11, when the airlines were all on lockdown, the President ordered the Saudi Royal Family to be flown out of the US safely. 140 Saudi nationals were evacuated on at least 8 aircraft making stops in 12 cities–including prince Ahmed bin Salman, who has ties to the al-Qaeda.

Now, I know this is a tangent, but HOW does our government orchestrate the safe DEPARTURE of al-Qaeda supporters following 9/11, yet make it so NELSON MANDELA can’t enter the country without permission?


Answer #14

I told yall that Bush was on crack…that boy done gone crazy! Mandela on terrorist list???I hate our president I swear to god…

Answer #15

“Well, I don’t think we’ll be ANY safer unless we add Ghandi to that list too.”

I’d have to say Mother Theresa also needs to be on the terrorist watch list. She did, after all, assist Muslim children in India, so it’s a strong possibliity that she was an al-Qaeda sympathizer.

Answer #16

I’m a big Mandela fan (I saw him once and it was a really memorable occasion - he waved to us from his car!). Obviously it’s ludicrous to have him on the terrorist list. But my query is this:

Is he on it for current behaviour, or for his past?

Because, let’s face it, he was a freedom fighter/terrorist in his youth. In my opinion, he was fighting an evil regime so that’s OK, but maybe they are thinking about that past, rather than his elder-statesman present. Still illogical, but maybe faintly less so..?

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