What is a good way to get rid of food cravings?

What is a good way to get rid of food cravings?

Answer #1

Some cravings aren’t really a bad thing. It’s your body telling you that it needs something that it’s been lacking. But, if you are a choco-holic and you need that scoop for the day, I would do just as jaceb said and snack on something light in calories such as carrots, fruit, or one of the hundred calorie packs. Or you could go brush your teeth to take your mind away from eating. Sometimes when people think that they are hungry, they are really thirsty, so try drinking a big glass of water.

Answer #2

well sometimes I eat out of bordem when I dont want to.

Answer #3

chew on gum or snack on something REALLY low in calories… like celery

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