What is a good excuse to sleep out at my friends house?

My mom really really hates it when I have a sleepover. For some reason she cant stand it when I go out? its weird. But I need to find a way to get out and be able to finally have a sleepover because I haven;t had one in about 2 months. !

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Best not to lie. I agree with avril_fan_13, talk to her. That's the only way you can find out what's bothering her, and come up with a solution. It's best for you, too - you'll be trusted more in the future if you don't lie.

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Say you have a big report due and say shes your partner and you have to stay up all night to work on it ;}

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tell your mother about your friends mother and how safe you will be in there house.
ask your friend mother to talk to yours to help her trust you to go out :)

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or be like mom im going to splish splash or the park [somewhere far from house] and tell its to do a study on how plp react in certain places things like that and you have to get up early to get there and you dont want to bother her [your mom] to take you in the moring so you need to sleepover. this way you get a sleepover and a whole day to hang out.

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Two months? LOL I havent went to one in my whole life.

But I think what your mom needs to do is just get to know the moms of your friends and you know, so she knows you are safe and when you have a sleepover she dosent freek out.
School project, meaby a sience project that requires to stay over night.
Or have your friend come over to your house and that is that.
I know moms can make things so complicated.

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Your mom is probably worried. So bring it up to her. Offer her a billion different ways of comfort. Your friends name, number, social security (you know so she can run the backgroun check on them) :P Your friends parents number. Offer your mom any way of comfort :) offer to call her periodically, before you go to bed and when you wake up. When you take those extra steps to reassure your mum she might see more lienant I would do that until she was more comfortable with it.

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just talk to her. ask her why she hates it so much, and then try and work something out between you, like if she lets you stop out or have a sleepover then you'll do some or more housework. maybe if you have a talk with her about it then you'll understand why she doesn't like it, and she'll understand that your getting older and she needs to give you more leeway (maybe on the stoppin out bit she's just a worried, over-protective mother - trust me mines the same).
good luck!
- natalie

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nah, avril that won't work. Just tell her you're gonna work on a school project or something.

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