What is a good excuse for when i come home late?

So I like to hang out with my friends untill like 11 at night but my mom says I have to be home at 5 right after school. The other day I hung out with my friends and didn't return until 11:30 and she flipped her lid. I'm really bad at being creative when it comes to lies. So whats a good beleivable lie that I could tell her? PS- if you say something like I was kidnapped or I rescued a cat from a tree that's not what I'm looking for it has to be beleivable.

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yeah, I totally understand. I myself am 18 years old and it sucks that ihave be home by 1030. and my parents flip out if I come home at 11. it is ridiculous. while my friends go out and party, I get in trouble for going out and having a good time which DOES NOT include partying and stuff. I just like to go to the movies or a friends house. it does suck but look on the bright side.. there are parents out there in the world that dont even care for their kids. I mean its sad. atleast our parents do care and want us to be safe thats why they overreact. just start ttalking to your mom and ask her to stay out a little bit each day. I mean communication is the first key. and sometimes nothiing anyone says helps because our parents were brought up that way so tahts why we get treated like it. but good luck. everything will be fine in the next few years.

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try telling her that you had to go to like planned parenthood with a friend b/c she was afraid to go alone, and you just couldnt let her go by herself also tell her sorry repeatedly

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Seriously don't judge me my mom's an uptight cristian lady, and I'm 18. She'll kick me out if I don't come home with a good excuse or if I don't get home by 5.

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Personally I'd just sit down and talk to them. Maybe you guys can work something out. 8, 9:30, 10 etc.

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Well dont do it in the first place, you under her rules... Is not realy about the lies, is about if she will be able to trust you latter on so she can meaby let you go till that time for real.

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so play by her rules or move out...sounds like you really need to grow up!

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your supposed to be home at 5 and you come home at 11? wow...why dont you just spend a couple hours with your friends?

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well you cnt really say you lost track of time but you could just follow her rules 4 a while then she might trust u

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