Sore throat and migraine?

Any natural ways to cure sore throat and bad headaches? I refuse pills of any sorts, and don’t like taking syrup for my throat, help :[

Answer #1

For the sore throat, suck on some cloves and swallow the juice. And for migraines, a Red Bull (the small can) should cure it or make it less intense. All the B vitamins like cyanocobalamin, and pyridoxine-hydrochloride are excellent for many different head problems.

furthermore, there have been a large number of medical marijuana licenses issued for migraines or other unexplainable headaches.

Answer #2

Ginger paste, swallow it slowly. It helps for sore throats.

As for the migraines. It depends on your reasons for getting it. Sometimes painkillers are necessary. I’m not currently aware of any natural remedies for it.

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