What if it be possible to still get my periodafter3weeks pregnant?

I I went on this websitee and likee put down this stuff , about when I had my last period , and it said I was about 3 weeks pregnant , but that was jan30 and I got my period feb25 , could it be possible to be pregnant , and still have my period , cause I looked it up and it said I couuld get it once while pregnant , during early pregnancy ?

Answer #1

Take an a( home preg test you can get them for a dollar at dollar store. Its not common to have peiods while prego but is possible.its also possible you had a miscarry.you may be better off seeing a doc.there are free clinics 4 that.

Answer #2

yes, you can have a regular period throughout your pregnancy..

Answer #3

Take a pregnancy test, that is the only way to truly know whether you are pregnant.

Answer #4

Yu can only know if yur preg if yu take a blood test but if yur gettin yur period yu can be if not its not normal find helppp boo!!

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