Possible to get pregnant from this?

if a boy touches his pennis wid a girl vegina is there any possibility of girl getting pregnant…only touch

Answer #1

If sperm comes in contact with egg, it’s possible.

Answer #2

there have been cases of people getting pregnant without actually being penetrated.

Answer #3

wow your really young honey, so I hope not for you

but its sossible only if sperm comes in contact with a egg,

just try not do do anything like that anymore and if you do please remember to use a condom, so you don’t get anything bad!

Answer #4

Yes it’s possible, but its EXTREMELY rare.

Answer #5

no, love, no.

you’d have to get the sperm INTO the vagina for someone to become pregnant.

Answer #6

Not unless there is sperm on his penis.

Answer #7

The chances are unlikely. Even if there was precum on his penis when he was touching your vagina with it, then there is still a possibility, but still quite unlikely.

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