Is it possible to get pregnant this way?

Okay, I know i’m probably being crazy, but I was at my boyfriends house and i had shorts on and he had pants. I was laying on top of him like facing him and rubbing “myself” up and down his penis. I had a panty liner on, underwear and shorts. And he had boxers and pants on. It’s not possible to get pregnant this way is it? I started on the 4th of July and I still haven’t started.

Answer #1

lol. u wont. thats called dry sex. and to be honest, thts a fav of mine, its safe and fun. lol dont worry your not pregnant

Answer #2

you can’t get pregnant this way, dont worryy.

Answer #3

lol… but yeah nothing to worrie about, u can do it as much as u want cuz u cant get pregnate.

Answer #4

No, you really wont.. You dont have anything to worry about… seriously

Answer #5

well…if u had clothing on…then u should not get pregnate…

Answer #6

lol r u serious!

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