What helps keep your hair straight?

What can help keep your hair straight when you have wavy hair so that you dont have to straighten it everyday or as much?

Answer #1

the dryer sheet does work but only to reduce static you hold it in you hand and wipe it through your hair but you have two options to keeping it from getting wavy. either invest in getting your hair chemically straightened which is about 50 dollars about every six months or buying a smoothing shampoo frizz which is probably caused from dry hair and lots of heat damage from over straightening your hair, and then use a thermal spray before straightening it to cause more damage no matter what anyone tells you there is no reversing the damage but you can stop it and start to repair the newer hair from damage also make sure your using a decent conditioner. I recommend herbal essances or ganier they both work well and are faily cheap. never put hair spray in it to keep it straight it makes your hair stringy and will cause waves and frizz especially when its warmer…I hope this helped if you need anything else fun mail me.

Answer #2

If you want it straightened all the time, go to a salon and get it chemically straightened

Answer #3

my mom suggested to me to use one of those irons you use to take wrinkles out of clothing. I never tried it before but I think it would work

Answer #4

after you straighten your hair us an dryer sheet it helps reduce static and keeps your hair straighter longer ;)

Answer #5

There are shampoos and sprays that you can buy.. to help keep your hair straight… or just brush some hairspray trough it after you straghten it and then fly of your hair again with the straightener and it should stay straight all day…-it works for me … Xo:)

Answer #6

I have a hair straightener thats not what I meant. I mean I straighten mine everyday I wanted to know if theirs something that helps keep it straight so you dont straighten it as much

Answer #7

get some gels and sprays to keep it down.

Answer #8

ha thanks shampoos dont work for me I’ve tried but ill look for and try sprays

Answer #9

use a dryer sheet? like put it on my head?

Answer #10

Ummm… A hair strightener?

Answer #11

Blow dry it…

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