What hair products to keep hair straight are good?

Okay I have really wavy hair and I have to blow dry it because if I towel dry it goes a lot more wavy and I straighten it straight after I’ve finished blow drying it and I get it really straight but after a while it starts going a bit wavy is there any heat protectors or sprays or even shampoos that will keep my hair straight ?? products that don’t animal test if you know please :) Thank you x

Answer #1

I have dreadlocks now, but I used to have really long wavy hair and I would use sunsilk straightening shampoo, then put straightening mousse on it (herbal essences) thoroughly while it was still damp, and then I would use a straightening iron to straighten it. It worked for most of the day :)

Answer #2

maybe you can have it straightened at a salon, in here we call it hair rebonding/relaxing (lasts for like 6 months or more), less hassle in the morning and you wont use all those products anymore :)

Answer #3

try either getting a new hair straightener and trying using sunsilk. I forgot exactly what its called but they have different kinds for different hair I know they have one to help keep your hair straight. I used to have the same problem I have naturally wavy hair too. I got a new hair straightener and now I dont have a problem with it.

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