How can I keep my hair straight and not poofy?

Hi, My Hair has been dyed loads of times. It is now dark brown with a tint of red…everytime I wash it It goes really Pooofy…Is there anything that can stop that? And what do you people use to care for ypur hair and whenabout do you put it on…? When Straightening your there anyfink you can put on it To stop it from UnStraighting? But Not stuff like Hair Spray cause that makes it all hard and not nice

Answer #1


John Frieda’s Frizz-Ease products used to help me when I had poofy hair in middle/high school. Supposedly your hair texture changes every 6-7 years, and suddenly at the end of high school, my frizzy hair turned pin straight. It was great. :)

You should be able to find Frizz-Ease products at any beauty shop or pharmacy store.

Answer #2

buy a electric comb or straighting iron

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