How To Keep Straightened Hair Straight In My Humid and Hot School?

I straighten my hair and it usually stays straight all day but since I started at a new school, after about an hour in the school, it curls up. The school is humid and hot in the hallways, by the way. Any advice on keeping it straight?

Answer #1

same problem…hair spray works for 15mins..then its effect is gone in humid climate…I think permenent straightening could be a solution.

Answer #2

same problem, but I have to walk to school, when I leave my house my hair is perfectly straight, when I get to school I look a complete mess, it sucksss, I also need to find a solution :L hairspray helps a little…

Answer #3

neither have I. none of the sh!t works..

Answer #4

aussie super hold hairspray!!!

Answer #5

thats my same problem only it curls sooner than an hour sadly I havent found a solution yet

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