What if he kissed me and i didn't let him?

Okay, so this guy and and I are going out and we been friends since I was like 3 years old. Nways hes hella smart (accepted to harvard and he got a scholarship) lol not my point..but hes not like the rest of the guys..hes smart..cute..he doesn't talk much..hes so popular...hes religious though..he doesn't kiss in public..he prays, respect everyone, he doesn't curse..he is partially mr. Perfect! Anywho, we were invited to his cousin party and I couldn't handle the noise I went to the garage to sit on the sofa when I found him there..we talked then 35 mins later he got closer and kissed me on the cheek..I stayed still then he got close to my lips I got up and told him "I gotta go" he told me to wait and he apologized and I left without saying anything.I almost 18 and hes 19. Hes extremely fine but the problem is I made a commitment to myself and swore on god I wouldn't kiss a guy till I marry him..its stupid because I know I won't get married till 26..anyways I can't tell him that though its stupid and beside his parents are strict they don't let him talk on the phone..what should I do?

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I understand that you have your religious views but I think that waiting to kiss a guy until your married is taking absinece to an extreme. of coarse kissing can lead to other things but you have a voice and if you find yourself in a situation that completley goes against your religious and moral values than all you have to say is no. your the first person I've ever known to wait until marriage to kiss somebody. its just a kiss and anyways how can you know you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody if you never kiss them therefore never find out if you two have any chemistry. if your with somebody you really care about a kiss won't hurt...but anywho...the guy sounds great and it seems like you really like him to...so why wouldn't you want to kiss him? if you ask I'm sure he shares the same religious values as you and even if he doesn't if he cares about you he should be willing to respect your boundries and make sure a kiss never turns into something more...so next time you get a chance I say just kiss him girl!!:) but since you didnt kiss him hes probably really confused. your sending him mixed signals. he thought you were into like that but then you didnt kiss him so a million things are probably going through his head right now. he could think that you just want to be friends and that he totally grossed you out when he went for a kiss. he might think he offended you and ruined your guys friendship. he might think he had really bad breathe:) ha...if you really care about him and he you then you need to talk to him about it and answer the questions he has soon before you end up ruining your twos relationship and losing such a great guy:) he seems really great...I still say you should just kiss em:)

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you said hes religious yes? im guessing christian or catholic? so would that mean he is waiting till marriage to have sex? if so, then he will be able to understand where you are coming from with the waiting to kiss thing. I really think you should tell him though because otherwise he will think you don't like him etc etc

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your right questioningfall:)

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I'm sure if he is that religious then he will totally understand if you tell him =] he seems like a really great guy!

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