Why won't my girlfriend let me kiss her?

I been going out with my girlfriend for 7 months and she wont let me kiss her. I have like 3 times the 1st time I was wasted the other time I did and she giggled. Is there something wrong?

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why dont you wanna ask her? becos we cant solve your problem. the only way it can be solved is if you discuss it with her, cos we can sit here and guess 100 different reasons why she doesnt wanna kiss you but at the end of the day only she can tell you the truth.

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well the 2nd time i did she giggled did that mean that shes liked it i tryed after that but i think i made her pretty pissed she never try to make a move to kiss me i just dont understand

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Maybe she just doesnt like kissing, why not ask her? some people are like this, try kissing her more and if she keeps pulling away ask her wats up and why she doesnt wanna kiss you back?

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you need to bring it up with her! you have been together for 7 months!!! you should be able to talk to her about this esp if you like kissing!

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well i wouldnt be asking this quistion if i was going to ask her

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