Where to kiss on a guys body?

I made out with a guy I know and it was great.But I felt kinda bad because he was kissing me over my body but I didn't know where/how to kiss him back.So if anyone has any suggestions that would be great. He also kept taking my hand I think he wanted me to touch him but I would find a way to just hold his hand.Should I just let him take my hand to where he wants it?What are some fun make out positions for next time?

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Kiss him everywhere...guys love being touched and kissed as much as girls do. As for "touching" him, do you want to? If you don't want to then don't do it but if you do then go ahead. Just don't let him pressure you into anything.

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Guys liked to be kissed usually in the same places as us- neck, ears, chest, etc. It depends on how well you know him and how serious you are. Just have fun with it, that will make it less uncomfortable. Dont be nervous or worry too much about what your doing or what he thinks, and it will come more natural.
The same goes for "makeout positions" when the mood strikes, whatever postion your in- sitting, standing.
Just dont let him pressure you- do it how and when YOU want, the way YOU want to. Take control of the situation, not only is that safe- but itsss a TURN ON for guys. =)

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