what happens to a 18 year old runaway in newyork?

I dont know im not planing on runing away I just want to know that information

Answer #1

If you’re 18 then you are consider grown by the law, you can leave if you want to. Now if you don’t have a place to stay and will need to come back that’s a personal issue that you’ll have to deal with, with you’re parent’s or whoever you is you’re care giver.

But you’re grown. They will worry about you and if any thing report it to the police as missing person case; but there are so many of those you’ll get lost in paper work. You want to grow up which it that time, do it right get yousefl together. You can’t just walk out in the world with hopes and dreams, you need a plan. Like school, a job, where will stay, how will you eat and provide for your. its not that easy espeically if you don’t have a support system.

Of and if you are running away without those things in mind can’t help it is a huge possiblity some of those things can happen. Don’t irrational think it out, save, plan and move on from there. Plan its for your own good, you’ll end up hurting no one but yourself. Good luck.

Oh a P.S. if your friends are telling you that you can stay with them and they will help take care of you not to worry, I promise it will be short lived and might ruin your friendship in the process.

Answer #2

by the time your 18 your legally an adult. so you would be a homeless adult. most people that “runaway” or are homeless and need money. most will resort to robbing/stealing/mugging. if the person is female most are forced into prostitution young or “old”.the best thing to do is go to a compass house. it’s a house for runaway teens or homeless teens. if you are 18 they will let you stay for alittle while until you find a job and a place to stay. they are very helpful because they will also help you get funiture and other stuff that you need.

Answer #3

Lol ya mikeh is right about the not resorting to rape, murder, etc. I was just looking at the downside of everything and thinking of things that could happen to you. I guess getting a job is also an option. Lol

Answer #4

bay is right. There is no such thing as an 18-year-old runaway. You are free to go anywhere you please whenever you please. No matter how controlling and oppressive your living situation, your parents no longer have any legal right to make you live anywhere. If you want to move to New York, do it. It’s not that difficult to get a job here. It IS difficult to get a GOOD job here, and your first few apartments will likely be hellholes, but there’s plenty of ways to tide yourself over while you find your feet (without resorting to rape, murder, drugs, or prostitution).

Answer #5

I would say technically there is no such thing as an 18yr old runaway. Once your 18 your legally adult. So you’d be a missing persons. If your or whoever is 18 and thinking of running away, grow up, get a job and move out! But a runaway in new york, I would say your chances are slim to none that you’ll last very long and if you or the person in theory wants to have a good life and really make it is this world running away is probably the last thing that you should do. I am sure you can think of all the possible things that could happen to a runaway. Rape, murder, being homeless, prostitution to name a few.

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