What does it mean to buy,sell stock?

I honestly dont understand what buying, and selling a stock means. Or “sharing it”. Please give me a definition that I will understand, (15 years old) of what it all means, and use good examples not all ‘smart terms’. So, just put it in a simple way.

Answer #1

There are a lot of different thinks so know about stocks, this page is very informative: http://library.thinkquest.org/3096/4learn.htm

Answer #2

When you buy or sell a stock, you don’t really buy or sell anything physical. A stock is a share in a company’s worth. that is, if a company has X value, and why number of stocks, when you buy some of that company’s stocks you actually get a percentage of the company’s value.

Now, if that company does well, it’s overall value rises, and so does it’s stock price. Then you can sell your stocks and earn a profit. That’s the basic idea.

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