Is there a website that rates whether stocks are good to buy?

I wanted to know any website which would rate a particular stock whether it is a buy, sell or hold. I know some sites which provides if user pays some fees. Are there any sites which can provide information with minimum to no fees? Where do you get your stock advice from?

Answer #1


I haven’t seen a specific website for this, but there are many many blogs where people discuss stocks, what stocks they own, and what are good choices. However, they aren’t necessarily in the financial trading business, and could be giving bad advice. Therefore you should read it and follow it with caution.

Good luck.

Answer #2

Because of the liquidity of the stock market every stock is valued at the price where most traders would consider it a fair price.

You will find lots of experts who think they know better than most investors and will list stocks they think are good deals and duds that are overpriced; Sometimes these experts are right and sometimes not.

Lots of people do their own research rather than trust experts. I was reading that Joan Jett while touring liked this little chain of coffee shops and thought a lot of other people would too and bought a bunch of their stock. The chain was Starbucks, today you can’t throw a stick without hitting a Starbucks, and Ms. Jett made a killing.

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