What does gauging your ears stand for?

..is there any meaning behind it,
or tradition..

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okay, I know what means, just wondering what's behind it

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It's just a type of body art... nothing wrong with it. They're nice piercings when done right and depending on the person.

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im pretty sure that when I looked it up before I stretched mine (which I do offten when im about to stretch or put another hole in my body lol) that it means beauty. like that other person said, the bigger the hole, the more sexxeh you are :P which is weird because sociaty totally reversed that..anywys. but then again you have those poser kids that do it because Sally did it or Bob wanted them..no reason behind the names.

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Let's get something clear. It's not called "gauging." Gauge is a size. It's actually called stretching. A long time ago, stretched earlobes symbolized beauty. The bigger the hole, the more attractive. My ears are stretched to 7/8'', I'm working my way to an inch. I stretched my ears because I like body modification and self expression.

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There's really nothing behind it... a lot of people like them so it's just becoming pretty common to see on those who like the idea of it.

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the reason in it for many people that do it for that reason is a spritual meaning opening your mind to the unconsious seeing things you normaly dont see some of the meaning back then were supposed to mean that the person was wise and knowladgable about the unverese around him. but some people do it for being cool or to look like every one else. but to really do it you got to have a meaning for it or a true reason behind it for youself.

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if your unsure what it is its the term used for widening the area were your peircing is
...making the hole bigger
its actually been around for many, many years
if youve ever seen those females with huge lip plates in there mouth, thats an early form of gauging, but back then it was done for other reasons...back then, the bigger the lip plate the female had, the more attractive she was to other men

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my reasoning behind it is that the kinda girls I like think it's sexy ;D. I have my ears stretched to an inch and a half now.

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