another ear gauging question

okay, so last week ibought a size 16 gauge and it went right through my regular ear piercing hole, like it didnt even hurt it was like iwas putting a regular earring through it. iwanna know how much difference is between the size 14 and size 12 gauge ? because iwas planning on getting a size 12 gauge to start stretching my ear.

Answer #1

there is not much difference but you should go with the 12

Answer #2

I agree with the cleaning comment… if you dont clean it and it starts to heal, you get this gross old cheese smelling gunk starting to form…

Answer #3

Size 14gs are really small. Put those in for like a day and then go to size 12gs.

Answer #4

put the 14 in before the 12 just cause some people are different and it might hurt like crazy.

PLEASE clean them daily. gauges smell so bad. haha I got rid of mine.

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