What does diet soda do to you?

I’ve heard before that soda makes muscle disappear…I was just wondering if diet soda did the same? Because I kinda drink it a lot and I dont really want to get rid of all the muscle I work at from sports and stuff

Answer #1

I drink diet sodas and I dont have pimples and I’ve lost 23 pounds. so ya…

Answer #2

Diet soda does not have more calories than regular soda. Zero is not more than 140 or 150.

Also, no scientific studies have proven that diet drinks cause people to gain wait or lose muscle. Diet soda certainly does not make you get fat or give you pimples or make you ugly.

Where do you people get these ideas?

Answer #3

no it wont make you loos your buffness… but it can get you fat and… give you pimples and… make you kind of ugly sooo… GOODLUCK

Answer #4

Drinking soda doest do anything for you. It does more harm then good. Its point less…

Answer #5

no idea… all I noe is that it has more callories in it than the normal soda =P

Answer #6

causes cellulite

Answer #7

Drinking diet soda will make you go blind. My mommy told me so

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