What do you think the top OS is used by home users for surfing the web?

For this week on one of my site this is the top six.

  1. 512 36.7% Windows XP Windows
  2. 273 19.6% Windows 7 Windows
  3. 229 16.4% Windows Vista Windows
  4. 101 7.2% Mac OS X Linux, Unix or Mac
  5. 82 5.9% IPhone Linux, Unix or Mac
  6. 48 3.4% Ubuntu Linux, Unix or Mac
Answer #1

I saw someone users with windows 98 and NT but they where way down on the list.

Answer #2

the top OS system is by far windows. which version is anyone’s guess haha. but i think the better OS is MAC.

Answer #3

I’d have to say that Windows XP is the top OS used right now. I have a computer myself with XP on it, and for the longest time it was the only OS I’d recommend to people (even after the Vista release). I have to say, though, that Windows 7 may take the lead soon. I have 7 on my netbook, and while I’m an XP lover, I have to admit that I enjoy Windows 7 equally, if not more.

Answer #4

Yes I have to say I had Vista on my notebook and I upgraded it to windows 7. Vista reminds me of Windows ME, a total disaster. I put the specs above of what the top computers that where on my site above.

Answer #5

Not a MAC fan myself, I thought that was a girls OS, lol, I prefer Ubuntu, but for my line of work I still have to run windows.

Answer #6

i dont like windows, i used to have windows. hated it. i love my mac lol. but i never used Ubuntu

Answer #7

I went to one of Microsoft’s dog and pony shows about Vista and came back all pumped up and put Vista on several PC’s. Funny, all the cool features that MS showed off made my computer slower than January molasses. Mind you these were machines that would have speedy with XP. Windows 7 was is better.

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