What do you all think of paganism?

If this turns into a debate, neat, but that's not it's first intention.

I'm wondering how the public views paganism, so if you could give me any thoughts at all, positive/negative/confused/questions, that would be great.

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Influence: Dark not Light.

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I just happen to be a wiccan, and I;m kinda sick of everyone thinkin it's just a bunch of spell castin, devil worshiping, highschool kids that think it's ok to dress in black and cover themselves in pentacles to look cool. I's a religion, We dont even belive thier is a devil. We believe in the same god christians do except we belive there is also a goddess and worship both god and goddess apossed to god and jesus. I'ts a nature based religion and there is no sacrificing of chickens or stupid crap like that. Thats only in the movies, not in real life. Most wiccan I know dont evan wear black, I know I dont, I'm as country as it comes, leather boots and everything. It's all those scary teenagers that dress in black and wear pentacles and sit around all day thinkin about death or whatever they do, that gives wicca a bad name. And not to mention movies and crap. If your curious of what Wicca is, i encurage all of you out there that think all wiccans are going to hell to read up about the religion. I bet you will find it not so bad at all. blessed be

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I'm looking for a shorter term that means: "A heathen man, who has an innate ability to attract & seduce women that are stongly Christian."

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There are Christian pagans. Wicca falls under the umbrella of paganism, just as well as Catholicism falls under the umbrella of Christianity. AMBLESSED: YOU DON'T KNOW ANYTHING SO SHUT THE F*** UP

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Not sure. I don't even know if pagans are polytheists, Wiccans, or Satanists - or maybe all of the above. Sometimes they themselves don't seem to know any more than I do, which is perfectly understandable since many of them are teenagers who reject Christianity only so they could be nonconformists. Kind of like everybody else.

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that's funny. . . . wellbehavedw. . . . Ect We are not talking about any certain group we are talking about what Paganism Means in General. and as for Wiccans believing in the christian God. . . ?!?!?! What kinda wicca do you practice? I thing Scott Cunningham just flipped in his grave if he hasn't been reborn yet.

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Actually Pagan simple means Country dweller. . .
"The dictionary also states a pagan to be: '...any polytheistic religion.' ...but is that correct?"
No the word you are looking for "in the dictonary" is actually heathen which would include Atheist, Agnostics and polytheistic / Neopolytheistic religions.

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Yeah, I thought the term 'Paganism' today was used to describe all other religions EXCEPT the five major ones. Of course, I think using it that way is incorrect... but still...

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what is paganism?

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I have no problem with people in a variety of religions... provided they do not encourage individuals involved to discriminate against or harm any other human being, nor do they try to make people do anything they don't want to do for the sake of the religion.

Whatever religion people choose, that is entirely up to them, and I won't hold that against them- that includes Christians, Pagans, Mormons Jehovah's witnesses. I just ask that they respect that I may not share their religious beliefs. Sure, I may not believe what some of my Pagan friends believe, but they're still my friends, and I still think they are good, kind people.

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Well the paganism of today is a washed down version of what it use to be. . . Matter of fact it's not even close. . . . a pagan from 1500 years ago would think it was a joke. . I was heavily involved in paganism for over 10 years (Wicca - 3rd degree.)
and walked away from it. . . ( to many airheads.)

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We're on the internet and it hasn't occured to anyone that the answer awaits you on google.com???

Paganism is actually the ORIGINAL and much older, version of CHRISTIANITY.

Believe it. Christianity actually ripped off holidays like easter, Christmas [even church on sundays] as well as many other traditions and beliefs from Paganism. Just btw Pagans praise deities, kinda like God - but believe in a female counterpart [goddess] as well.

btw people who wear black and think of death are a stereotype's view of Goths & Emos.

A religion that involved Satan worshipping is called SATANISM.

Satanism - Wicca - Paganism = 3 DIFFERENT religions.

Does this make the topic clearer???

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Now the secret is out!!! The Captain is looking for a new handle.

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Yeah, the dictionary definition lumps them all together, not very accurate I must say.

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...why not?

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The dictionary also states a pagan to be: "...any polytheistic religion." ...but is that correct?

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...well...it IS as you say... an OLD webster's.

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...or Hinduism & Buddism.

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Which one?

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I don't know. That's why I was asking, because 'captain assassin' just has too many syllables...

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No such term exist.

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* sigh *

It's not a riddle... or a joke...

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I doubt it...

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What do you call a heathen man, who has an innate ability to attract & seduce women that are stongly Christian?

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...are you okay with that?

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An old webster's.

And "pagan" is commonly used to describe religions that aren't Abrahamic faiths.

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Right, but that's still the common description, as I've seen.

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Well, my definition is from the dictionary.

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Paganism is a blanket term for most religions that are not Christian, Islam, or Judaism.

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not really. . . All of those subject have been covered in detail some place on the forum.

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A christian pagan is not a true Christian. And your statement to Amblessed is considered abuse.

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I don't understand paganism.
its something that people believe in besides major religions?
so like...
witch craft?

I don't want to sound offensive to anyone...im just curious.

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You mean there's actually a term for that kind of thing?

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