What do people really think about Pagans?

Well, I have a very christian family and I cant be open to anyone about my beliefs in pagenism because of that fact. The only people in my family who know are my mom and my uncle. They both are pretty much agnostic and have gotten a lot or crap from my family. I wear a pentacle necklace just because it is a protective symbol in my beliefs and my family has given my mother hell about it because they wont talk to me directly. She is tired of the “melodrama” I always cause because I am trying so hard to be “anti-conformative”, which is not the case at all. I believe what I believe and she thinks I will never make good friends or get a job because of my religious affiliation. What do you guys think?

Answer #1

*Pagan, Paganism…^^ “People” is quite a broad term. And the term “Christian” is a bit too broad also; I have many Christian friends who do not mind my Pagan views. I believe if it the misinformed “people” who will have negative views, such as those Christians who believe Paganism is Devil worship, which may be untrue for Wiccans as Wicca doesn’t have a specific Devil or “antagonist”. Another reason for Christians may be that it does involve the worship of other gods/goddess; “There is one true God” conflicts with this.

I’m sure your religious views will not prevent you from socialising; I have a wide and varied social group of Christians, Wiccans, atheists, Hindus ect and we get along just fine. And as for your job, it is religious persecution to not allow allow someone to apply for a job or to get that job because of their religion; the Human Rights Act says in Article 9 “ Article 9 Freedom of thought, conscience and religion

1Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; this right includes freedom to change his religion or belief and freedom, either alone or in community with others and in public or private, to manifest his religion or belief, in worship, teaching, practice and observance.” You should be allowed to work not matter your religious views.

Answer #2

hmmmm here come dat belive thing again…all i would say is what you say you belive dosen’t matter but what matter is what you do. Do you lie? do you cheat? do you fllet? do you kill? do you try getting power form benit? Do you help the needy when you can? Do you do evil which gives rise to devil?? The way answer this questions defines who you are…..Many christians today do most of this things. saying you a christian don’t make you good and if you do them…hmmmmmmm just quite my advice.

Answer #3

Believe what you want to believe. I don’t know what branch of paganism you’re in, but I’ve not heard of a single one where people need to know about your beliefs. Wear your necklace under your shirt. I myself loosely follow a pagan religion, and I generally don’t tell anyone. It’s never affected my life or made anyone think anything of me.

Answer #4

Tbh I’d try to keep my beliefs hidden from my parents as much as possible if I were you. I face more or less the same situation at home as I’m an agnostic and my father’s a pretty conservative Christian. Religious belief to me is no doubt important but it’s something IMO that isn’t sufficiently imperative to warrant fighting and god forbid breaking up your family over - especially if you still depend on them for food and education etc. I’d recommend taking the pentacle off unless it’s REALLY, REALLY important to you, might invite suspicion.

Answer #5

There are more and more people becoming pagan. Everyone has different views. Families will most likely have the same view about religion. Occasionally there is the odd ball that will get picked on. But your not alone. There are many like you. I personally am Christian and i believe in one God. But i dont judge people on their beliefs becuase thats not my place to do so. So what if it makes you happy then by all means be happy. I have really good pagan friends. They are the nicest most non judgemental people i have met. And have helped me when i needed it. As long as you have good intentions and heart then i like ya ;)

Answer #6

At any rate, personally I don’t hold anything against pagan religions, as long as they don’t do stuff that violate human rights - you know, icky stuff like ritual cannibalism or human sacrifice, even sex/race discrimination. (I know you don’t participate in those, don’t worry) Applies to all other religions really, I couldn’t care less about the religions of others, unless they get in the way of science and government and the private lives of others.

Answer #7

You could always talk to your mother and tell her that to you this isn’t about not trying to conform or being dramatic but that this is actually what you hold dear as your beliefs. You can tell her you would never dream of belittling her beliefs and you hope that you can have the same amount of respect. I was lucky with my parents but problems started to rise when it came to my “friends.” Just remember that this is a part of who you are and you should never feel like YOU are the problem. If they followed the actual teachings of Jesus, they wouldn’t be doing this to you.

Answer #8

Pagan beliefs will not interfere in the least with your ability to make friends or find work. If I were in your place, I would ask my mom 1) to please suggest to anyone in the family who gives her grief about it that they take it up with me instead, and 2) to decline to discuss it any further with them.

Answer #9

Thank you :) It is so good to hear that there are other people who dont want to burn me at the stake and think I should be able to believe as I want. My township that I live in is very conservative so its hard to be “myself” if you know what I mean.

Answer #10

And thats what I’ve done :/ They Think that my mom should… for a lack of better terms, “put a leash” on me and force me to be something else. Tell me how to live, eat, sleep, etc. and keep me monitored at all times. I just dont know what else to do to appease them.

Answer #11

This is a good point. Thank you for your input. Hahaha no I dont know about other pagans but I personally dont do any of that :) there arent many rules or regulations other than “dont mess with the spirit world”, “dont cast judgement and be open minded”, and “NEVER do harm to others or yourself”. You’ll find its a very loving and personal religion.

Answer #12

I dont have a branch really. I just believe what I believe and if I HAD to classify it… probably Neopaganism. It’s a good point. I do hide it most of the time but its one of those things that I shouldnt be afraid to be myself or have to had an importnat part of me because its not accepted. Christians can openly wear necklaces and jewelry on the streets but others cant? It’s a selfish point that causes trouble but at the same time I guess I cant expect everyone to be as open minded as myself, right?

Answer #13

lol Yeah i noticed the typo after posting lol :/ But you are right. I know getting a job isnt the part to worry about because the law states that they cannot. It’s more along the lines of… she’s worried I wont find “good” people as my friends. “Good” as in the social norm or people who are seen “fit” or “normal” in society.

Answer #14

If people judge you as abnormal for being of a certain faith, they aren’t good at all. Try looking for social groups in your community or online that share your beliefs; there are plenty of Pagan groups out there more than happy to talk to you :)

Answer #15

Yea…. well its not the 1800’s anymore lol. We have come a long way

Answer #16

It’s not being afraid to be yourself. Maybe it’s just me coming from a more “secret sect,” but I really don’t think not telling people is bad in any way.

Answer #17

It’s a very good point. I guess “to each his own”, right?

Answer #18

Hahaha tis true :)

Answer #19

I will do that ^-^ It wont be easy but maybe in the Houston area I can find more open minded people and fellow pagans :) Like I told Pistol Annies Angel my township is very…. prude and conservative.

Answer #20

Why do you feel you need to appease them? And what is the rest of your relationship with them like, apart from the tension about religious differences?

Answer #21

I love paganism, my favriote religeon

Answer #22

I supposed I’m quite fortunate that I was able to find a few other Wiccans in my area and have formed a coven with my close Wiccan friends. I tend to attract Wiccans subconsciously xD and if you ever want to talk, message me here aha :)

Answer #23

Yea i live in pearland tx so i know the people here are “closed minded” but i also know pagans and are good friends with them and i believe in God. we get along pretty good. they are out there. Have you tried the Texas Renaissance Festival ? Thats were my pagan buddies all go. I get in for free :D

Answer #24

Try the Texas Renaissance Festival. I have a lot of Pagan friends that go there. its fun!

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