What do you think of black emo kids?

do you think that black emo kids can be just as emo as white and asian emo kids. you dont see many of them, at least I dont. I mostly see white or asian emos. any black emos out here on funadvice? if so, what made you want to be emo, and maybe you had to go through people judging you, cause emo kids alone are not completely excepted in society.

Answer #1

I dont think anyone should be emo but if you want to be I would take caution.but if your a cutter emo It is not healthy at all folks im sorry if im making anyone mad but im just telling the truth.emo’s think they are so misunderstood and they dont belong blah blah blah,but the truth here is you guys dont want help at all and you always think everything is your fault but its not.I have a friend who is emo she use to cut herself I talked to her and said hey you know what you really should not be doing this its not good for u.I told her I was their for her and if she needed to talk about anything I’m here.till this day she’s smiling more often I dont see any cut marks on her arms or legs and face.I dont have a problem if your emo for all I care you can listen to all the emo music you want dress how you want but please try to change your personality a little put a smile on dont cut yourself its not healthy and if you respect yourself you would not hurt yourself.I know maybe some emos are being abused at home but if you would tell someone who you trust things may just fall into place.it may be dificult but im sure everything will fall into place.get help try not to take the anger and sadness on your self its not good. I hope this answers the idiotic question.

Answer #2

We answer according to your question. If you ask a legitimate question… you’ll get legitimate answers. If you ask a not-so-awesome question… you’ll get not-so-awesome answers. Catch my drift? ;)

Answer #3

It seems like whenever race is brought up in a question, people have to make it seem like its some terrible question about judging and labeling, when it wasnt really intended to offend anyone.geez. please dont answer if your not even going to give a answer relating to the question.

Answer #4

it really doesnt matter what race someone is…

                    What a stupid question!

Answer #5

Think of the things that would make one emo. Hairstyle, those black framed glasses, liking emo music, and wearing stripes or whatever.

You don’t have to have any of those things.

Answer #6

I guess I am sort of I cant help it I just really like their make up and hair and music and fashion sense is that so wrong?

Answer #7

it really doesnt matter whats on the outside.

cause emo is whats on the inside

the outside just reflects the inside thro clothing, makeup etc.

Answer #8

Stereotypes are overrated, why would you want to label yourself? It doesn’t matter what race you are, you have the right to be who you want to be. If you want to follow the whole “emo” stereotype then go for it. I think everyone should just be themselves for once. Dress how you want, act how you want, talk how you want. Why follow others? Be original. Everyone is emotional at some point, that doesn’t say anything about who they are or how they dress, its all on the inside.

Answer #9

If I see one maby I’ll be able to give you an opinion on that…

Answer #10

Emo is a type of music. and Music is not a color.

Answer #11

if your emo…what am I?

Answer #12

Funny dude. No Comment.

Answer #13

Being emo is not determined by your race

Answer #14

please no bullsheit answers!! gosh..

Answer #15

well…I am waiting for an answer still!

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