What do people have against Obama?

Seriously,I just read a hate question about him and to be honest that’s straight up racist,so if I were Jamaican and became president would yall be like that,Muslim or not you have to respect a person for who they are,god this is annoying,who agrees.

Answer #1

I read an article where someone said Obama was ‘eloquent’ - it was screamed, ‘Racist, Racist’ !! - the reason: you’re ‘implying others aren’t’ - so it’ll be interesting to see if any criticism of his upcoming Presidential policies/decisions are allowed.

Answer #2

whoa whoa whoa! he isnt communist! that would be like changing the constitution and that has been done only 27 times I think. I agree that this crap is annoying and it is sad that people cant accept him and welcome him with open arms. its retarded…I like Obama.

Answer #3

I am not judgign anyone by color…I could carless what color he is…it is the fact that he is taking away the American rights, and freedom…

Answer #4

I think one of the reasons is because he refuses to wear a flag pin or anything patriotic.

and he’s a socialist, not a communist. there is a BIG difference. and yes, while there are two different kinds of socialism, he definitely is not of the bad. he was a community organizer in his early years and it would make sense that he has a socialist point of few: he sees that an individual can only thrive within a family, which means that no individual can survive ALONE. it’s a “we” sort of mentality versus a “me,” and isn’t that so much better?

Answer #5

If you use ‘jamaican’ as an example, be careful…a good friend of mine, also one of the owners of funafvice is Jamaican.

About Obama though…it’d be hard to give more to the rich and rob the poor and middle class any more than Bush has…simple fact, poor don’t save, they spend. And with the average family purchasing power down 2000 since Bush took office…well, if that doesn’t hurt the country, I don’t know what does.

Answer #6

I don’t have anything against him I just think I like McCain’s opinions and plans better

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