Is it Pregnancy, STD, or an Infection?

I was on my period thinking it was nearly over and had unprotected sex with my partner but he didn’t ejaculate inside my vagina. There was no visible period during the sex. Afterwards, my vagina was very sensitive and it hurt when it was touched. The next day, my period was heavy and the sensitivity of my vagina increased. I could barely touch it at all. The day after that, my vagina started to have a really bad odour followed with white/brown discharge. It wasn’t like the discharge I would usually have where it was slimy and clear. This discharge looked more like thick milk and wasn’t clear. I’ve been having this discharge and bad odour for a few days now and it still hasn’t disappeared. Does anyone know what it is?

Answer #1

sounds like It could be a yeast infection,

Answer #2

its a thrush infection it will be red and very itchy, I advise you to see your doctor or visit your family health clinic and get tested to rule sti’s out and use a condom in future to b safe, and precum can get you pregnant even if he didnt ejaculate inside you.

Answer #3

Its a yeast infection. It happens just go to the store and get lotion for it. It will go away in 7 days. It will start feeling better after a day. But if it doesnt set up a patsmear with your doc. Good Luck

Answer #4

Those don’t sound like any pregnancy symptoms to me.

It could be a yeast infection, or it could be an STD

If you don’t know for sure, see a doctor.

Answer #5

there can be sperm in pre-cum so you could be pregnant yes but the symptoms you have sound like thrush see a doctor to find about and to get the right medication to help heal it and to find out if your pregnant take a pregnancy test about 2 weeks after you had sex (any sooner and the results won’t be accurate) in the morning with your first pee is the best time and take it when your period is due alternatively, see a doctor for a blood test this will both let you find out quicker and give you more accurate results and remember to LEARN about sex before you go off having it

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