What do I do with a stray cat?

I found a stray cat by my house a few days ago, we have a lot of them around here, but she is particularly friendly and keeps trying to come into my house (so im thinking she’d probably make someone a good pet). I called the humane society and they just told me to call animal control, I dont want to do that because I know animal control doesnt have a no kill policy. I wouldnt mind keeping her temporarily till we find her a home, although I would prefer not to because my cat is extremely hostile towards other animals. I am not home a lot of the time and it would be hard to supervise them. What can I do with her? I want to find her a good home, she really is the sweetest cat.

Answer #1

Hang fliars, run an add in the news paper. Or find a shelter that adopts them out instead of killing them.

Answer #2

Maybe you could post ads around your neighborhood or your local news paper and find it a home.You could also look for a local farm to put it on.

Answer #3

Sounds to me like someone did a “drop-off” of their housecat…cruel and inhumane treatment! If you don’t want her, then I’d take her into the shelter, also…having been a housecat, she has pretty much NO chance of survival in the wild compared to her stray friends…

If you do opt to keep her…take her to the vet (we did this with a GAWD awful looking stray that appeared at our door…he was so frightened, I thought he was wild…but once at the vets office, we found out he had been neutered…so all he needed was some shots and some special food to help him get over being dropped out to fend for himself.) This little kitty would probably be sooo grateful to be warm and fed again.


Answer #4

Make some phone calls, some cities that are over populated with strays offer discounted rates on spaying and neutering for low income families. I had two cat’s and a dog done for under 60$ And most cities have a cat lady too, find out where she lives and drop the cat off in the dead of night with a bowl of food and water so it sticks around she may already have 100 cats why not 1 more. Or if there are any farms nearby you can offer it to them. Some farmers allow stray cats to stay on their property to kill mice in the barn and things of that nature. Or you could see if there is a local retirement center that would like to adopt the cat for their residents to relieve stress and things of that nature. “Ours is the age that is proud of machines that think and, suspicious of men who try to.” (Humford Jones)

Answer #5

maybe your parents or family member or a good friend because if your cat don’t get along with other cats then thats bad I wouldn’t take my chances on that and I wouldn’t put the cat in humane society either because like you said they would probally kill the poor cat well good luck on finding the cat a new home and maybe you can show flyers around or somthing. pooka;);)

Answer #6

I dont have any family and my friends either live in dorms, or at home with parents who dont want animals, or they already have cats.

My question is more of a how do I catch it, where do I go to get it cleaned up and spayed without spending like $300, then where can I take it where they will either keep it or look for a home for it…

Answer #7

take it to a shelter where it can be cared for

Answer #8

most animal shelters do it very cheaply and in Feb it is usually half price. If you open the door let it walk right in. and try to keep it in one room for a while so the other cats will get a chance to get adjusted to his smells. Then call around the local animal shelters and get some pricing. Paws in Chicago, IL does it for under $50.00. Contact Alley Cats.com and they can help you.

Answer #9

in our town you need to make an appointment for the shelter to take in any cats. you get put on a waiting list for several weeks before theres an opening. if shelters didn’t make it so fricken hard to drop off a cat or be so frickin expensive to adopt one maybe the worl would be a better place.

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