What do I do if my husbands friend is getting too friendly?

My husband has this friend that is single and is always at the house. When my husband is occupied at the moment with something else he is always asking these weird questions. I get really nervious around him. Like I can’t do anything without him starring at me. He is always asking me if I am in love with my husband. Me and my husband have been together for 8 years and we have 5 kids. My husband is really protective of me and the kids. So I am really scared to tell him something. I don’t know how he would react to this, should I be worried or is it nothing?

Answer #1

His friend is butting into things that don’t concern him, I would see to it that you give him a warning to respect your boundaries. If that doesn’t work then you’re in full right to ignore him and have him leave your house. If this doesn’t work then I think it’s time to have your husband step in. I’m sure your husband doesn’t want him as a friend if he keeps bothering you and making you feel uncomfortable. It’s not something I would want for my wife, I’m sure of that.

I have a feeling that the other guy is taking advantage of your husbands friendship with him to get to talk to you. He seems to like you and doesn’t know where his limits are as a friend. That’s something to worry about, at best, if you can’t handle the situation then you need to tell your husband. If you’re worried about what to tell him, you be honest with him. Tell him that you don’t feel comfortable talking to him because of what he asks you and how he stares at you constantly. If you feel he might overreact about this, then tell him to relax about this and you ask him what he is going to do with his friend. Then you can see if his solution is reasonable.

Good luck…

Answer #2

If I was this uncomfortable having this guy around when hubby is not…then I’d simply tell him that he doesn’t need to be there when your man isn’t…Tell him to call first to see if hubby is home and not busy. Don’t hint…tell it flat out.


Answer #3

Tell your husband that you feel uncomfortable with this guy around and asking you strange questions. You don’t need to not let him come over anymore, just make sure your husband knows whats going on.

Answer #4

if you tell him he would love that…but if you dont want to tell him and ruin his friendship then warn the guy…and if he crosses it again then he ruined the friendship and not you…

Answer #5

he likes you. he wouldnt be asking if your happy for nothing there has to be a reason. you should keep your distance from him. or talk to your hubby bout. better the communication better the relationship

Answer #6

Honestly if signals are flaring, pay attention. And be direct. If you dont think a question is appropriate or any of his business, say so. Whether you get your husband involved in this or not, your hesitation to stand up to this guy is what is making him think that it is ok to ask these questions. You dont have to be rude about it. But be firm. And if someone is making your nervous in your own home, it is time to take back that power (wow, that sounded horribly cliche). If you catch him staring, point it out. Make it a joke, make it light, but point it out. Let him know that you know what he is doing and you arent going to take it. Men like that do it for the power. So time to step up and take that power back. Also, it is perfectly fine to point out to your husband that it is not ok for his friend to be around as much (again, tact is necessary here).

Answer #7

Exacly. Your husband is protective about you, so that should make you want to tell him more, because not telling him would make him susputions that meaby you are atracted to that friend.

Tell him and let him know the feeling that you have been feeling, And let him know the questions and everything so meaby your husban can sort all this out.

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