My Best Friend's Parents are Getting Divorced

Im English but I live on the other side of the world as an expat. My best friend lives here with her mum, step dad and their small daughter. She absolutely adores them all. But today she told me her mum told her that theyre splitting up. Her mum, sister and her are going to move back to their home in the UK by the end of the week, and her step dad will continue living here. I really dont have any idea what to do. Mostly Im upset because this will be so hard for her. She blames herself, because she always said she wanted to go home, and I dont know how to persuade her that its not her fault. Its really going to hurt her and her younger sister and its just all so horrible. But then also im devastated that shes leaving me. Im not good at making friends and shes the best friend I have made in years. I love her to bits and I cant imagine life here without her. How can I help her through this?

Answer #1

u should just try to comfert them

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