What colors shall I use in paint & tile in my bathroom?

I am completely doing over my 6x8 bathroom, except for the tub and I shall have that repainted. I like warm colors. I currently have a pedestal sink which I shall remove as it gives me no counter space. What colors would you suggest for tile, furniture,and paint? I have oak trim, but could restain that. I want it pretty.

Answer #1

You should try, a red, or yellow to brighten up the room, but not too bright of a yellow or it wont give you really a warming effect it will give you a happy sunshine day effect. Reds are good for that warm feeling, and no matter how bright of lighting or low of lighting you get it will feel really relaxing and warm. Avoid green colors they tend to darken the room too much and make it feel enclosed. Another good color to try is like a coffee brown or a light creamy brown, that would go great with oak trim.

Answer #2

Use like burnt orange and reds and get warmish lighting

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