What kind of paint should I use to paint a mural on a concrete wall?

keeping in mind that one day that wall will need to be painted white with wall-paint?

Answer #1

Exterior latex acrylic paint Polyurethane paints Epoxy paints I’d say those would work. You might want to go to Lowes or Home Depot & get a second opinion though :)

Answer #2

The wall will need to be painted white when they decide to sell the house, in the future.

Answer #3

thanks for those ideas :D

Answer #4

If it’s inside the house, use an acrylic paint. They are water based and alot easier to paint over then oil paint.

Answer #5

Do you mean normal acrylic paint? Like for paper or canvases?

Answer #6

No, you get acrylic paint that is especially made for painting on walls. Noraml acrylic can also work, but it might work out more expensive.

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