What color of shoes?

I am wearing a cute brown short skirt, with a brown and pink polo, and I was wondering what color of high-heeled shoes should I wear with that outfit? Like brown ones, pink ones, or white ones, or what other colors can I wear with it?

Answer #1

The safe choice is usually to wear shoes similar to the darkest color of the outfit. In this case, brown. WHITE SHOES ARE HARD TO WEAR RIGHT. Don’t do it. Along with brown and pink, you could probably add some teal or green. Like a funky belt, hat or pin…. I’d stay away from those white heels!(Outfit sounds cute, by the way!)

Answer #2

I’d go with pink, since there is less pink in your outfit than brown. I cute pair of pink heels will really brighten up the outfit. But it also depends on the occassion, if your just buying it to wear around, then go with pink, but if you have that outfit for formal events, then maybe brown is a better choice.

Answer #3

i think u should definitly go with a light pink.

Answer #4

Hello unknown. I really think high-heels that will complement the outfit must be a mix color with pink and brown. Depend on the occasion as well.

Answer #5

Hey I would go with pink because u dont want too much brown.

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