What color shirt should you wear with brown shoes?

Can I wear a gray t shirt with dark blue jeans and brown dress shoes?

Answer #1

Actually, I beg to differ. If you’re wearing casual brown shoes, just about the only colors you shouldn’t wear with that are black, any brown that’s close to the color of your shoes or orange. I think gray, and just about any color would be fine with your brown shoes.

Answer #2

maayybe grey..or maybe like a cream colored shirt..I wouldnt wear any bold, bright colors.

Answer #3

mby you should pick a new shirt , mby a more of a red or deep green or orange?

Answer #4

I don’t know black, white, grey. nothing colorful

Answer #5

It depends on what pants your wearing, really. And it’s hard to decide what color if you haven’t seen the shoes.

Answer #6

Not gray. Not black. Blue, green, red, white, tan, brown. Dark earthy colors.

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